The Journey to Civility in the Workplace- It Takes a Village that includes EAP, HR, Safety, and the Employee

The Houston EAPA Chapter would like to invite you a very special presentation.
Date: 11/11/14
Time: 8:30am-12pm (Two 10 min. breaks)
Location: The Council On Alcohol and Drugs Houston
303 Jackson Hill Houston, TX 77007

Presented by: Monica Guidry, LCSW and Suzy Reierson, LPC

This presentation goes by many names: incivility, unprofessionalism, harassment, bullying, sociopathy, and toxicity. It exists – and is threatening to organizations. The financial aspect can be staggering; 53% of employees lost work thinking about the incident and worrying about future incidents with the offender, 46% thought about changing jobs, 37% reported a weakened sense of commitment, 28% lost work trying to avoid the offender, 27% had reduced effort at work, 12% changed jobs,10% reduced the time spent at work. Bullying targets often feel abandoned by organizational leadership, HR, and their co-workers. The current debate in the literature is about new legislation that goes above the protected classes of employees based on race, gender, age, and so on. Presenters will identify the impact of this workplace behavior on the lives of the employees, discuss the role of EAP in the identification and intervention on these behaviors/impact, and a panel will discuss strategies for organizations and clinicians to assist in the development of wellness and optimum functioning via a culture of civility, resilience and positive leadership.

Training Objectives:
Participants will be able to:
1. recognize the impact of bullying on the individual and workplace
2. become aware of global, national, and local efforts to respond
3. examine EAP experiences and perceptions
4. determine when bullying is taking place at workplace
5. identify and design intervention strategies for individuals, teams and management